John Pellegrini


9th Dan Hapkido - World Ki-Do Federation / Hanminjok Hapkido Association Founder of Combat Hapkido; Founder / President of: International Combat Hapkido Federation; Independent TaeKwonDo Association; International Police Defensive Tactics Institute; “Military Combatives Association; World Martial Arts Alliance 9th Dan TaeKwonDo - 2004 Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame “Instructor of the Year”; 2004/2014 Inducted in the “TaeKwonDo Times Magazine Hall of Fame for Hapkido” and "U.S. Grandmaster of the Year"; Featured on over 20 Martial Arts Magazine covers; 25 Hall of Fame inductions Conducted training tours for US & Allied Troops in Afghanistan (2006) & Iraq (2008); conducted over 600 seminars in 22 countries; authored “Combat Hapkido: The Art for the Modern Warrior” 2009 by Black Belt Magazine; authored “Combat Hapkido: Intelligent Self Defense” 2009 by Budo Intl. Magazine; authored “Journey Into the Yin and Yang" 2018. Awards; Commendations: Royal New Zealand Police College - Rome (Italy) Municipal Police; US Air Force; NYC Police Dept.; Federal Air Marshal Service; NATO Forces Europe; US Army 10th Mountain Division; Costa Rica Police SWAT Team; Colombia Air Force Anti-Terrorist Unit; US Office of Naval Intelligence; German Air Force and many other police departments and military units around the world.


5928 Hixson Pike
A 323
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37343
United States

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