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Danny Lane is a Highly Decorated US Marine Vietnam *Retired Decorated Police Officer & Detective *12 Time Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee *World & 9 Time National Champion *9th Degree Black Belt Master *Bodyguard to Movie Stars, Entertainers & VIPS *Private Criminal Investigator* Danny Lane, with 51 years of experience, is one of the most sought after seminar Instructors in the world today. His Dynamic and Unique integration of Martial Arts, Police, Military, Body Guarding, and Personal Protection Blend of Styles makes him in high demand. Danny is a highly decorated US Marine wounded in combat in Vietnam and awarded two Purple Hearts, Marine Combat Action Medal, and numerous other commendations. Danny is a retired police officer where he served in numerous capacities: Patrol Officer, S.W.A.T. team member, Major Crimes Detective, Tactical Unit Leader, and Training Academy Police Tactics Instructor. Danny is a certified International Police Defensive Tactics Instructor and is an expert in Police and Military Defensive Tactics. He was a featured Instructor for SWAT POLICE training in New York and taught Police Tactics to Police in Puerto Rico. He currently works high profile cases as a Defense Criminal Investigator with his wife, Gina. Danny is a 9th Degree Black Belt Master and founder of the World Martial Arts Centers in 1970 and President of the World Martial Arts Federation (WMAF). The World Martial Arts Federation is an all styles martial arts system and rank certification with associations all over the world. His World Martial Arts Federation is one of the longest-standing, most well-respected systems in the world today spanning more than five decades with over 2000 black belts. He has been featured in Black Belt Magazine numerous times as well as other International Publications. Danny personally trained with Mr. Chuck Norris for many years during the early days of Chuck's film career. He has been with the Chuck Norris System for 39 years and is a Master in the Chuck Norris System. Danny also holds high ranking Black Belts in other styles and systems. He is a 6th Dan in the International Federation of Jui-Jitsuans, 6th Dan in the United States Judo Association & United States Ju-Jitsu Association, 2nd Dan in Nihon Goshen Aikido, 5th Dan in Tae Kwon Do, 3rd Dan in Tang Soo Do - Moo Duk Kwan. He has been inducted by his peers 12 times into various Martial Arts Hall of Fames. He is an honored member of the World, International Karate, International Kickboxing, National, U.S.A. Hall, Action Martial Arts Magazine, and Florida Hall of Fame. As a competitor, he has won hundreds of tournament awards, including nine Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Jui-Jitsu National and North American Championships. He fought in 1975 in Korea as one of the first Americans to invade Korea and fight the TKD Masters on their turf and at the KuKiWon. He went undefeated in numerous bouts with higher rank Korean Masters. He was the US Open Grand Champion TKD in 1975, 76 & 77. He integrated boxing into his style and was one of the pioneers with Joe Lewis, Bill Wallace, Benny "The Jet" and others in 1974 when kickboxing was first brought to the public eye broadcasted on TV for the first time as a BIG sport here in the USA. He went on to win a World Lightweight Championship in 1975 and was top ten rated until he retired from that field in 1984. Danny won 9 National titles at the Chuck Norris UFAF Nationals from 1980-1990. He won the 1994 Seniors United States Sport Ju-Jujitsu National Championship and the 1994 NAKA (North American Karate Association) Seniors Fighting and Forms. Besides his legacy with Chuck Norris, he has trained with world-famous martial arts champions and masters the world. Danny started his martial arts training in the Marine Corps in 1968. He started training with Grandmaster Sok Ho Kang (Korean Tae Kwon Do) in 1971 and got to his 3rd Dan by 1977. Other Masters he has trained with are Robert MacEwen (Aikido), Joe Lewis (Kickboxing & Fighting) , Bill Wallace (Sport & Kickboxing), Richard Norton (Weapons) , the Gracies (Brazilian Ju-Jitsu), the Machado's (Brazilian Jui-Jitsu), Depasquale's (Jui-Jitsu), Gene LaBell (Judo & Submissions), Wally Jay (small circle Jui-Jitsu), Femurio Demura (Weapons), Dan Inosanto (Pilipino Escrima & Stick Fighting) , Manny Tanningo (Pilipino Bo & Weapons), Jean Claude Van Damme (Kicking & Stretching), Benny "The Jet" Urquidez (Kickboxing), Don Wilson (kickboxing), Sean Kelly (Kempo), George Dillman (Pressure Points), Chip Wright (Sport Fighting), Howard Jackson (Boxing and Kickboxing), Bob Wall (Fighting & Stunt Fighting), and many more..... He has traveled the world over, competing, teaching, demonstrating and polishing his martial arts skills -- in Korea, Japan, Europe, Russia, England, Mexico, Thailand, South America, Caribbean, Canary Islands, Spain, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Africa just to name a few. He has twenty-nine professional instructional video tapes on the market and can be here securely online.

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P.O. 777
Grayson, Kentucky 41143
United States

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