The Art of Discipline By GM Jessie Bowen

The Art of Discipline By GM Jessie Bowen

Through this article, I hope to throw more light on what discipline entails, especially what discipline and self-discipline is all about and how it can help you to achieve success.

Why do we need discipline? We are part of a generation, which likes living each day on its own terms. We shy away from rules and aspire to live each moment to its fullest, without any restraint. While this might not sound too bad, have you ever wondered why you didn’t get into the college that you wanted? Or get that job you coveted the most? Have you ever thought why you find it difficult to sustain your relationships? Have you always been puzzled as to why your results are never commensurate to the amount of effort that you put in? The answer to these above questions could be the lack of discipline. The reason why some of us fail to meet our targets, despite our best efforts, is because we lack the discipline. Again, as I said before, do not look at discipline as a negative element of your life.

Let me give you an example to prove how discipline is important for even following your passions! Let’s assume that you are part of your school’s basketball team. You have an important tournament coming up in a month. Luckily, all your fellow players are in good form and are extremely talented. Is this enough to get you that trophy? No. You must practice every day for a certain number of hours. You will have to practice your routine several times. Even if your strategy for this game is the same and you have played your opponent several times in the past to understand their style, you still need to practice. Why are you indulging in so much practice? To ensure that your body is in good form and to mentally prepare yourself for the game! Isn’t this a form of disciplining your body and mind? Out of the passion for winning, all of you come together and engage in so much practice! All of you may have different playing styles. But it is extremely important that your styles are aligned on the day of the game, to reap the maximum benefits. It is the discipline that brings you together as a team. You will see in a while how discipline/self-discipline will help you achieve success!

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13 Oct 2018

By Jessie Bowen